Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources
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Here are some things I made.


Power and Conflict poetry: full scheme of work

This fully resourced scheme also covers non-fiction writing and unseen poetry – all current AQA spec.

AQA poetry anthology: @curtaindsleep edition

Inspired by @__codexterous on Twitter (read his blog here), this an edited version of AQAs anthology that contains plenty of supplemental material to aid students’ understanding of and engagement with the poems.

Unseen poetry: getting to grips worksheet

This worksheet accompanies this post from my blog and is a useful way to help students understand poetry for themselves.

Metaphysical Poetry

Here you’ll find lots of resources to aid the teaching of Metaphysical Poetry for A Level English Literature.  A lot of this was put together for remote teaching / live lessons.  The booklets are very detailed and all my own work, based on my reading / research.

Critical Reading Anthologies

Critical Reading Anthology: Macbeth

Critical Reading Anthology: An Inspector Calls

Model Responses

Narrative Writing

Blue, Brilliant Blue (original)

Blue, Brilliant Blue (reversed)